Case for TRX-SDR Audio Switch board


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If you like what we do, support us even more by buying our very own, overpriced, 3D printed enclosure for the TRX-SDR Audio Switch board (of course the project is available for free here).

Color is random and design is constantly being improved. Photos are for demonstration purpose only. Actual product may/will not be exactly as shown here.

This is a small scale project and it is not economically effective to produce molded compartments for the device.  We have prepared limited number of 3D printed  boxes which can be ordered.

No boards included – this product is just the case!

In the box

  • Plastic case
    • Lid
    • Bottom
  • 8 screws


  • 3D printed enclosure for the TRX-SDR Audio Switch board (two-part plastic case).
  • The PCB is fixed to the case with 4 screws for a secure fitting.
  • Secure case locking via 4 screws.
  • PET-G or PLA plastic is used.
  • Color is random – selection is not possible.
  • The finish is not perfect and slight printing artifacts are possible.


  • Length: 104.95mm
  • Width: 74.95mm
  • Height: 36.00mm

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All specification may contain errors and is subject to change without notice.

This case (referred to as the Product) is not intended for professional use or other responsible applications. It is a hobby project and it is intended to be used by the amateur radio society. We do not guarantee that the documentation of this Product is free from unintentional errors. Any damages or losses direct or indirect caused to any third party equipment when using the Product and its documentation are entirely the user’s responsibility. We are not responsible of malfunctions caused by any third party software and hardware that is used by the equipment connected to the Product.