TRX-SDR Switch Kit


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This Kit allows your Transceiver (TRX) and Software Define Radio (SDR) to use simultaneously the same antenna.

During receiving both the SDR and the TRX are connected to the common antenna. When the TRX starts transmitting, the SDR is disconnected and grounded.

In the box

Two separate boards:

  • ANT Switch (RF shielded and tested) – includes antenna relay and receive input limiter.
  • Audio Switch (tested) – includes also antenna relay control.
  • Barrel Power connector 1 pcs – plug 5.5/2.5mm
  • RCA male connectors – 2 pcs for antenna relay connection between two boards.

The user must prepare his own cables with specific connectors and lengths to connect the device to TRX and SDR . They are described in the user manual.

The Optional 3d printed compartment for the Audio Switch board is not included.


  • Allows the SDR and the TRX to use simultaneously the same antenna.
  • The Kit consists of two separate boards:
    • Audio Switch – also responsible for controlling the ANT Switch.
    • ANT Switch – It is RF shielded and contains the antenna relay and receive input limiter.
  • TRX PTT from the TRX is used as a control signal.
  • During transmission, the TRX audio is selected.
  • During reception, either the SDR or the TRX audio can be selected.

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