Technical documentation

  • Audio Delay time after TRX enters receiving mode: from 10 to 700 ms (variable)
  • Attenuation of the antenna signal in receive mode when common antenna is used (TRX and SDR are connected to common antenna at the same time) :
    • At TRX input: -2.5 dB
    • At SDR input: –3.5 dB
  • Delay of the ANT Switch relay after active transmit TRX PTT signal: 3 ms
  • Delay of ANT Switch relay after receive TRX PTT signal: 5 ms
  • Level at the input of the SDR when common antenna is used (transmit mode): < -30dBm
  • 1 dB compression point of the limiter protection circuit: +8 dBm (peak value)
  • Audio ground loop separation: yes
  • Power -10 to 15 V DC, max. current: 55 mA (at 13.6 V without external optional relay)
  • SWR during transmission: <1.2 (1.8 to 50 MHz).
  • Additional external relay control for station automation: 12 V, max current 200 mA (energized in receive mode). Delays are the same as for the relay in the ANT Switch.

Protection parameters with common TRX / SDR antenna:

  • Power supply over current resettable fuse
  • Protection against TRX PTT cable disconnection
  • Protection against ANT Switch control cable disconnection
  • Protection against missing power supply
  • Double fault protection of ANT Switch relay dysfunction
  • Maximal continues input RF current of SDR protection limiter: 1 A
  • Maximal peak input RF current of SDR protection limiter: 2 A (2 sec duration)
  • Additional resistive fuse in fault mode
  • Maximal output level of protection limiter: +12 dBm (2.5 V p-p value) @ 1 A RF current